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sieht interessant und edel aus
Ja, schaut echt klasse aus ! Tolle Gestaltung.
Hi, Leith.Just watched your 2 True Aim veidos. I like your interview format, and the fact thatyou split the material up into 2 shorter segments. It would be nice as a viewer toget in closer to your faces. Perhaps put the Golf Lab banner behind you? Thoughyou might be blocking it, you could start the video with the banner as a fade away,or something. Nice job on the veidos, though.
Can you help me name this ab workout?I see iocimerfnals all the time for this one ab workout but now i cant think of what its called. It is this stick like thing that you push down on while your sitting and then you switch sides and the guy in the infomercial is like just do 8 on each side. And it works the entire core. Ahh! if i could only remembeer what its called, I know i am explaining this horribly but i would appreciate ANY answers.Thank you very much!=)
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