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vielen Dank für diese schöne Karte!
rot-weiß gefällt mir zu Weihnachten immer sehr. Schön gearbeitet.
Die ist SUPER!
Kathryn.....you sweet, wonderful, bauetiful, creative woman!!!! I love LOVE love my personalized stamps that Rheannon picked out for my birthday. They are AMAZING and I have already broken them in!!!! Thank you so much!! All of the ladies at the swarm were asking where to get them!! and how much you charged. I am thinking about getting one for my ATC's. Would be so much easier than printing them out on the puter every time!!! Hugs to you my friend!!!! Molly
It's beautiful! I love the coulor combination you've used for the background and that is such a sweet little stamp (I must confess I have had it for quite a while myself but not yet used it!) Now I'm inspired! xx
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