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Was für ein neidliches Motiv. Schöne Karte ist das geworden.
Frnkaly I think that's absolutely good stuff.
Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote informative artiecls.
Your post on the Boys/Girls Club caught my eye b/c I spent many happy days at the Girls Club goirwng up. I think teaching children about giving is important. What I also think is important, an element that seems to escape many people who give of time, talent & funds, is to not think of the needy ones as "them," as in not one of "us." I have seen many a dedicated church person say something akin to we do good for "them" with an element of disdain and separateness. One of the nicest things ppl can do is to share in a way that recognizes the needy as one of "us."
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