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Das ist die Rückseite der Karte 3a ;) Die Idee fand ich sehr witzig!
Die Form hab ich als eine meiner ersten Wichtelkarten hier (in andere Kartenform) von badebiene bekommen und finde sie total prima - nehme sie gerne her.
atlantis,bahamas questions?!10 ptnios!?iam trying to decide how much my vacation will cost..but i have no idea how to find out because in order to find out, i need to put in the exact dates i will be coming!i just want an average price of what it would be.so would u estimate for me?iam aware of the deals now.-2 adults, 2 kids (ages 14 and 17)-cheapest hotel room, it really doesnt matter to us-would like to take the casual meal dinning plan-want to to some activites like the dolphin interaction and the scuba divingbasically, what im asking is how much is the least amount of taking an atlantis vacation?the LEAST amount(cheapest hotel) with SOME activities.thanks so much!
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