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Och , was süß ...tolle Farben , schöne Motive , klasse !
über dieses süße Lätzchen durft ich mich freuen - Danke
Ein süßes Kärtchen und eine tolle Idee!!!
Ach wie putzig!!!
Phenomenal bradeokwn of the topic, you should write for me too!
Never would have thunk I would find this so indsipnesable.
k. k. aus c:
wow O.o
Actually, what you're describing sodnus more like a perfect moment . Years ago I was asked if I had ever had a perfect moment, and without hesitation I answered, yes! because I live life voraciously, and to me a perfect moment could have been seeing the latest flavor of cupcake buttercream in a shop window. However, I was mistaken. It's not just about things that bring your heart joy, or allow you to transcend beyond yourself, a perfect moment is a moment when the world stops, just for a brief flash, and in that flash life makes sense. The minutiae of life and everything in between slows down to allow your senses to capture every bit of sunset, wave, firefly, Spanish . every single bass drum kick. You lose yourself and undulate with the rhythmic pulse of that very moment. It's a beautiful thing that inevitably gets tattooed on your brain, and stuck in your heart forever. By being able to watch yourself perform, you had an enlightened sense of self, and from that maybe a perfect moment occurred. I dunno, maybe I'm just talkin' shit .
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