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ganz edel gearbeitete ist bei mir gut angekommen
dicke auster:
Schön auch als Schuhgutschein.
Und Schuhe kann frau ja nie genug haben... vor allem, wenn es so ein schöner Schuh ist!
The abliity to think like that is always a joy to behold
I was just turned on to your site by a freind of mine. It's very good, thank you for taking the time to write. It is nice to find one more reasonable man out there. I'm posting because I saw this: "Here's something else the MSM (including limbaugh, hannity, o'reilly, levin, prager, etc.) never talk about:According to the Census Bureau, minorities under five years old make up 45% of the population. This means that, with current immigration and birth rates, Whites will be a minority in their own country in about 20 years. Even if immigration is stopped now, dead cold, Whites will still be a minority within 40 years -- in your children's lifetimes. What a legacy you liberals have left. You will have given away our, our children's, and our forefathers' country. The invaders are still going to have our country, plus still retain their own. The inevitable group squabbling here and the increased power there can only lead to one thing: the disintegration of the republic (what's left of it) and the rise of a "strong man." This is a copy and paste of one of my posts at Amren.com a few months ago! Although it would have been nice to receive the credit, I'll be satisfied with the knowledge that my comments were impressive. Now, if our fellow Whites were willing to admit and discuss this frightening fact, we'd be able to make some progress toward preventing our dispossession. Best, Robert ap Richard
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