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huebsch mit dem Gestickten
ok after a few days of playing with it, here are some suoisetggns. I did finally find how to get to my videos but it isnt obvious, it would be nice to retain the old box from the old page, place it above the About you section.I like the view of my subscriptions but i would ask that you use a few more videos or subscriptions than just 3 rows of only 3 of my subscriptions. it would be handy to have the rows show the newest from each of 12, giving me a wider view of what my subscribed performers are doing. i would like to see more of whats featured videos and less of what friends are doing. in other words, box featured videos like the my subscriptions area, put the what my friends are doing in a smaller area toward the bottom of the page. other than that, i do like this layout, quite clean and organized! thanks!
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