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Das ist wohl wahr! Tolles Gedicht und schööööönes Foto!
Das ist ein Hammer geniales Gedicht Jeremy. Ich habe es nun mrmehals gelesen und es regt sehr zum nachdenken an. Danke! Schreibe weiter
The hoentsy of your posting shines through
I might be beaintg a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!
I think what Suerman wants to say is that current German designers are more influenced by design from around the world – not just the gGerman design from the past century. A look at Gea#&nyrm8217;s neighbours often show a more witty, organic, emotional and sometimes deliberately messy design language instead of pure rationalism. And these influences can be seen in the works of younger German designers – which he tries to support with DMY and this statement.
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